Letter to Our Alumnae

A word from our Alumnae Chapter President

Beyond the lifelong friendships made in college, there are many advantages our members enjoy throughout their lives. AOII alumnae are encouraged and welcome to participate in an alumnae chapter. Regardless of where you live, your alumnae sisters will be waiting to greet you with open arms! Alpha Omicron Pi is not just for four college years- but for a lifetime- and as alumnae we discover the true significance of that lifetime commitment. The opportunities AOII provides for our personal development and community involvement follow us beyond graduation.

As an alumna, by volunteering and serving in various capacities, you will help to guarantee a meaningful AOII experience for yourself and future members. Together, we will have a new dimension of sisterhood to share, more memories to enjoy, and good times to add to those we cherish from our collegiate days! AOII will always be a significant part of your life, even more so as an alumna. Together, we can offer a positive, worthwhile experience to our members and have LOTS of fun along the way! For any alumna in the area: if you are interested in attending one of our meetings (luncheons, dinners, movies, events, fun get-together), or have any questions, please feel free to contact me!

Alpha’s Love and Mine, 

Sheena Karami AOII

Sheena Karami
(Xi, University of Oklahoma)
President, OKC/Metro Area Alumnae Chapter